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Game Cam allows the recording of real-time in-game movies.
Game play footage can be recorded with or without sound.
Game Cam is designed to work with most DirectX 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and OpenGL games.
Records game footage while you play
Multiple instances of Game Cam
(Usefull for duel logging.)
Can be loaded anytime to start recording
In-game Preview Window
Options Editor lets you change your
settings without exiting or Alt-Tabbing your game
Real-time Brightness Control
Real-time zoom control
Dialog boxes for saved movie files
Records game play audio
Selectable audio source line
Adjustable recording volume
Multiple screenshot image formats
Exclusive CVR technology with
selectable performance or quality modes
Utilizes the Smart Capture
built-in smoothing mechanism
Personal Watermarking for movies
Real-time video compression
Multiple video codec’s
Multiple movie file formats
Multiple frame sizes
Adjustable quality levels
Auto and custom movie thumbnails
Adjustable frames per seconds (fps)
Guard options to protect against
low disk space or file restrictions
Easy system tray launcher
Ideal for low-end and high-end computers
Custom video length timer
Browse movies or screenshots through
your Game Cam system tray icon
Third party utility compatibility
for Xfire, Gameguard and PunkBuster
Auto update
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