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You can start making movies of your favorite game in seconds. All you have to do is:

1. Launch Game Cam
2. Launch your game
3. Start recording

You’re ready to start recording. Everything else is optional. Game Cam loads with default settings that should be optimal for most computers. Capturing in-game movies using the default settings is recommended for first-time users.
Hot Keys
So that Game Cam does not interfere with any of your in-game hot keys, Game Cam uses an Interface key that is similar to the Windows modifier keys Ctrl and Alt. You must press and hold the Interface key and then press the command key to interact with Game Cam while in a game environment. For example, if your Interface hot key is assigned to "\" and your Pause hot key is assigned to "P" then you must press and hold "\" and then press "P" to pause recording of a movie. The in-game hot key list (F1) and recording toggle (Home) are one-touch keys and do not require the interface key to be used. All hot keys can be remapped.
Default Hot Key Assignments
Interface \
Screenshot \ +F5
Video Recording Toggle Home
Pause Recording Toggle \ +P
In-game Editor Toggle \ +F1
Show/Hide Preview Window \ +F4
Cached Video Recording Toggle \ +PageUp
Save Video Cache To File \ +PageDown
Increase Video Brightness \ +'
Decrease Video Brightness \ +;
Increase Video Zoom \ +.
Decrease Video Zoom \ +,
Audio Capture On/Off Toggle \ +Insert
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