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Important Note For Windows Vista Users using strict UAC:
Under windows vista both your game and Game Cam must be run with the same credentials.

if you right click your Game Cam shortcut and click [Run As Administrator], you must do the same thing when launching your game. if you run Game Cam with default UAC credentials then you must also run your game with default UAC credentials.

Keep in mind that some games will install shortcuts that are pre-configured to launch the game with Administrator credentials.
This tutorial briefly explains all of Game Cam’s features.

In-Game Options Editor Audio Options
General Cached Video Recording (CVR)
Hot Keys Image Options
Preview Window Guard Options
Smart Capture System Tray Options
Video Settings AVI video manager
Video Watermark
In-Game Options Editor
The in-game Options Editor provides access to all of Game Cam’s features and gives you the ability to make changes without quitting your game. The in-game Options Editor is only accessible during game play by pressing F1 (default hot key).

Game Cam loads with default options that are optimal for most computers. It is recommended that first time users try the default options before making any changes in the Options Editor. You can reset the defaults by pressing the “Reset Defaults” button.
You can scroll through the tabs to view or change Hotkeys, Video, Audio, CVR, Image and Guard options. Selecting the name of any feature will display a short description.
General Back To Top
You can choose the directory where video and image files are saved. The gray in-game dialog boxes that appear when you save a video or image file can be disabled. Red error dialog boxes cannot be disabled.
Hot Keys Back To Top
So that Game Cam does not interfere with any of your in-game hot keys, Game Cam uses an Interface key that is similar to the Windows modifier keys Ctrl and Alt. You must press and hold the Interface key and then press the command key to interact with Game Cam while in a game environment.

For example, if your Interface hot key is assigned to "\" and your Pause hot key is assigned to "P" then you must press and hold "\" and then press "P" to pause recording of a movie.

The in-game hot key list (F1) and recording toggle (Home) are one-touch keys and do not require the interface key to be used. All hot keys can be remapped.

Default Hot Key Assignments
Interface \
Screenshot \ + F5
Video Recording Toggle Home
Pause Recording Toggle \ + P
In-game Editor Toggle F1
Show/Hide Preview Window \ + F4
Cached Video Recording Toggle \ + PageUp
Save Video Cache To File \ + PageDown
Increase Video Brightness \ + '
Decrease Video Brightness \ + ;
Increase Video Zoom \ + .
Decrease Video Zoom \ + ,
Audio Capture On/Off Toggle \ + Insert
Preview Window Back To Top
The video Preview Window is real-time and only displays the portion of the game screen you are recording; including real-time changes to brightness and zoom adjustments.

The Preview Window:
1. Displays whether Audio is on/off and the sample rate
2. Lets you know if you are recording and the file format; if CVR mode is on; or if recording is paused.
3. Shows your optional watermark as a visual aid to let you know how your watermark will appear in your video based on your chosen transparency and positioning.

Move, Minimize/Maximize or Hide the Preview Window  
You can move, minimize/maximize or hide the Preview Window by using the Interface hot key and Game Cam mouse cursor. The interface hot key (default is backslash) should be pressed and held when moving or interacting with the in-game objects. To show/hide the preview window, press and hold the Interface hot key and then press F4 (default). To move the preview window, press and hold the Interface hot key. When the title bar appears, use the Game Cam mouse cursor to drag the title bar anywhere within the game screen.

To minimize the preview window to a status bar, press and hold the Interface hot key. When the title bar appears, use your Game Cam mouse cursor to minimize the preview window. You can maximize the preview window the same way.

Smart Capture Back To Top
Game Cam has a built-in video smoothing mechanisms. The quality and frames per second (fps) settings that are optimal for one game may not be what is best for another game. Smart Capture analyzes your computer and game settings and determines which record settings are optimal for each game. Although you can disable Smart Capture and manually adjust your quality and fps settings, using Smart Capture is recommended.

Video Settings Back To Top
Watermark Enable or disable video watermarking.
Video File Format Supports AVI and WMV formats. Default is AVI.
Video Codec Video compression codec used to compress captured video. Game Cam has 2 built-in codec’s. Microsoft MPEG compatible and DIVX compatible.
Quality Base video quality. Range 1 - 100. Default is 60. Smart Capture must be disabled to adjust quality setting.
Brightness Adjust video brightness to lighten (positive values) or darken (negative values) your videos. Default is 0. Brightness is real-time and can be adjusted while you are playing. Any changes will be shown in the Preview Window.
When entering negitive values enter the whole number value then press the [- key].
Zoom You can use assigned hot keys to zoom in or out while recording game play. Zoom is real-time and can be adjusted while you are playing. Any changes will be shown in the Preview Window.
FPS Reflects the base video frame rate. Range is from 5 to 60. Default is 30 frames per second. Smart Capture must be disabled to adjust fps setting.
Frame Size Movie output size. Default is 512x384. There are eleven frame sizes from 160x120 to 1600x1200. Game Cam uses auto aspect (auto positioning). Width is constant. Height automatically adjusts to match the aspect of your playing resolution.

The frame size is how big your movie will be when you watch it on your computer. For example, you record an area of 1024x768 and save to a frame size of 512x384. This means that you are playing and recording in a 1024x768 game screen resolution and your movie will be compressed and saved to a 512x384 movie.
Video Watermark Back To Top
You can add a personal watermark to your game movies. To add a graphic for your personal watermark, load Game Cam and use the system tray icon to select the Video Watermark options.
Watermark Source File Select the button next to the empty box to browse for your graphic. Supports all image formats.
Vertical Position A factor in determining watermark placement. Bottom, middle, and top.
Horizontal Position A factor in determining watermark placement. Left, center, and right.
Translucency Alpha blend. Determines how transparent the overall watermark appears.
Transparent Color This color will be completely transparent in the watermark.
To enable/disable the watermark in your movie, press F1 to load the Options Editor during game play. Go to the Video tab to enable/disable Watermarks.
Audio Options Back To Top
Game Cam can configure your audio capture settings using the audio source you select.

Source Line: If you select the [Default Audio Capture Device] source line option, Game Cam will use the audio capture device and recording volume you currently have selected in Windows.

If you select ANY OTHER audio source line, Game Cam will override the audio capture device you currently have selected in Windows and Game Cam will use the newly selected audio source instead. Windows XP users may need to choose a recording volume level. Range is from 0 to 100.
Source Line Game Cam will use this line when capturing audio.
Recording Volume The desired volume level of the source line.
Cached Video Recording (CVR) Back To Top
When should you use CVR? Do you run around continuously recording just in case something great happens that you don’t want to miss? Do you start and stop recording constantly waiting for a great game play moment? Is your hard drive filled with movies that you’ll end up deleting because there’s nothing interesting in them?

CVR allows you to play for hours without missing any great game play moments. When you enable CVR mode, your games frames will be continuously cached while you play until you disable CVR mode. As the newest frame is cached during game play, the oldest frame is dropped. You will always only have the last specified number of seconds of game play cached. Frames are not saved to video until you choose to save them so you can play for hours and never save one movie or you can save as many movies as you wish.

Example: Choose a quality or performance mode and cache size in seconds. Let's use Quality with a 120 second cache size. Toggle CVR on and start playing your video game. After 120 seconds, your cache will always be full with your last 120 seconds of game play until you disable CVR mode. When you want to save a game play moment you can save your movie by pressing your "Save Cached Video" hot key (backslash + PageDown by default). You will have saved only the last 120 seconds of game play.

Note: It is not nessaccery to wait untill your video cache is full before saving.

CVR Mode Performance is geared towards better in game performance which may reduce video quality. Quality is geared towards better video quality which may reduce in game performance. Default is Performance.
Cache Size Size of the video cache in seconds. Default minimum cache size in recording time is 15 seconds; maximum is 120 seconds
Image Options (screenshots) Back To Top
Image Format You can choose the output format of your screenshots. Supports JPG, BMP and PNG formats.
Guard Options Back To Top
Guard provides optional protection. Guard options were implemented for users with low disk space, file size restrictions, and those who simply find it easy to forget they are recording. Setting any of these options to 0 (zero) will disable that option.

Disk Space Allows users to set minimum disk space in megabytes. Recording will automatically stop when your preset minimum is reached.
Video File Size Allows users to set a maximum file size in kilobytes. Recording will automatically stop when your preset maximum file size is reached.
Video Length Allows users to set a maximum video recording time in seconds. Recording will automatically stop when your maximum recording time is reached.
System Tray Options Back To Top
From the Game Cam icon in your System Tray, you can browse your Screenshot and Movie folders; and choose your watermark graphic image.
AVI Video Manager Back To Top
The Video Manager is accessible via the Game Cam icon in your system tray and currently supports Game Cam recorded movies in AVI format.
Provides the ability to change your movies title and play or delete your movies.
Displays your movie thumbnail, duration, file name and title.
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